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Studio Policy


Lesson Fees: Lesson fees are subject to change per calendar year.

30 minutes - $32, 45 minutes - $48, 1hr - $64

Scheduling: Lessons are scheduled for once a week. Beginner-Book 1: 30 minutes. Book 2-3: 45 minutes. Book 4 and up: 60 minutes. 

Contacting your Instructor" As we are in an age of instant messaging, I need to enforce a newer policy regarding how to contact me. I would like all communications to take place via email or a phone call. I check my emails frequently throughout the day, and all emails will be answered within 48 hours. Please think of communicating with me similarly to how you would contact a business, with fairly standard business hours. My time not teaching is my personal time, this includes weekends/evenings once teaching comes to an end for the day. 

Exceptions: If you are running substantially late, or have to very last minute cancel your lesson you may text me. If you are texting regarding anything else, please don't expect a response. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. 

Tuition: Your tuition pays for your reserved lesson time. Tuition is paid per month, and is due by the 7th of each month, any late payments following will immediately incur a $20 late fee, multiplied for each week the payment is not made after the 7th of the month. Payment needs to be received by the instructor by the 7th.  Accepted payment via PayPal: Cash, Credit, Debit, Check.  Checks made payable to, “Lindsay Marie Cello Studios, LLC”.

All tuition payments are made directly to the instructor. 

Missed/Cancelled Lessons: Enrolling in lessons is a purchase of my instruction and time. Since the time passes whether a student uses it or not, a lesson missed is time lost. There are no make-up lessons. As a courtesy to me, please call, email or text as soon as you know you will not be in attendance. Each student's lesson time has been set aside and reserved for the entire teaching year. This is comparable to any school tuition. There are no refunds. 


Exceptions: In the event of a family emergency or extended illness, if an opening becomes available later in the week, I will offer that time. If the student is unable to make that time, no other times will be offered and the lesson will be forfeited. I take my own attendance seriously. If I miss a lesson a credit will be issued on the next month's tuition statement. If there is a snow storm and the Waukesha County Conservatory of Music closes, lessons will be cancelled and a credit will be issued. 

Lesson Exchange: If you find you are unable to make your scheduled lesson, the Lesson Exchange List allows you to contact another student and exchange lesson times for that week. Participation is not required. If you would like to participate, you will receive my teaching schedule with the names and phone numbers of others who wish to participate. The family who initiates the switch should let me know when a switch has been made by leaving me a voicemail or email. I need to know which student to expect. 

Attendance is important to your musical commitment. Cancelling more than 1 lesson in a 6 month period may result in the loss of your scheduled time. 

Lesson Termination: To terminate your lessons, contact your instructor 30 days prior. An additional month’s tuition will be billed if lesson cancellation occurs without advance notice. Please note that lessons are billed and scheduled on a month to month basis. Although lesson times can change from season to season a month’s notice is still required. 

Summer Lessons: To maintain your spot in the studio, a minimum of 8 summer lessons are required. These lessons do not need to be consecutive, as summer time is full of vacation, camps, etc. 

Accompanists: Students may need to hire an accompanist for contests throughout the year. The student/parent is responsible for paying accompanist fees for rehearsals and performances in a timely manner. The student/parent is also responsible for setting up rehearsal times with the accompanist. I am happy to have the accompanist come to a lesson, but it is not my responsibility to schedule the rehearsal. 

**Parents’ attendance to their child’s lesson is an important part of the learning process and creates a learning environment for at home practicing that is occurring in his/her lesson. Learning the fundamentals of the instrument, as well as how to practice with your child at home to develop their abilities. Beginner through Book 1 students’ parents are required at all lessons. Weekly listening to pieces that your child is currently working on or will be in the near future is expected, aiding in their learning to develop their memory and aural abilities. 

Difficulties and problems do occur. Some of them I am aware of and some I am not. Please keep me informed. I would rather talk with you on the phone than have a misunderstanding go for a long period of time. Your cooperation is much appreciated. 

These policies protect the integrity and structure of this business. As in any educational service the most valuable resource are the clients and the patronage they provide. In order to provide the best service, these above policies must be enforced and adhered to in order to be fair to all my clients. 

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